This is how our story begins. Man meets Woman at Bunny’s on a cold Winter Wednesday night on February 3rd, 2010.

This website and blog was started as our wedding website early 2013. Instead of a website with our names, we branded it as Lovin’ R Life.

The URL LovinRlife.com was secured and it became our website for engagement and wedding news, trip bookings, pictures and wedding week schedules. Meanwhile, as a digital designer and marketer MNdesignGal.com will continue to be the home for strategic creative thinking, graphic design, social insights, conference write-up, some life events and more. LovinRlife will be the home of life events, video sharing and family updates-a little more personal and focused on love and life happenings. 

We hope you enjoy this little place called home for us on the web and remember that all content is unique and will be tagged properly. If you see an error or something that needs some linking to it’s original home please send us a note and I’m happy to update.

LovinRLife together with life milestones, memories, friends, faith and love. 


Married November 15, 2013 in Los Cabos, Mexico


Bunny’s where it all began. Steve met Tricia. Tricia met Steve.

Leaving the Severson behind

Engaged November 30, 2012

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