video playlists

Capturing video is an important part of archiving memories and moments throughout life. With the help of family and friends we have been able to spread the love of certain events in our life.

We hope to be able to show you the love and please enjoy and relive some parts of them. We are thankful for the family and friends that have been able to attend these events in person, but know that this is the perfect way to share for the others that would have liked to participate.

Videos are recorded on GoPros, iPhones and home video cameras.
They are edited in iMovie 10 by Tricia, your MNdesignGal.

NEW ARRIVALS are the #CaboWedWeek highlights that feature our wedding day ceremony, the morning of the big days, dances and speeches and an overview video.

Play now from YouTube.

Thanks for coming by and enjoy,
TRICIA & STEVE leanger

kiss_top_1MB file size


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