Be a guest on our wedding day November 15, 2013 in Los Cabos, Mexico. The highlight reel starts at the beginning of the day and ends with us with the wish lanterns on the beach.

Wedding Day Morning. We’re in Cabo!

This was the first video I edited of all the wedding– it ended-up being one of my favorites. Everyone played a part in the day and Steve and I thank each of you for being there and helping us make it special. Another reason why this video is one of my favorites is because the song worked so perfectly through the entire thing. Steve and I downloaded this when we first started dating. It’s one of those moments when you know it’s just right. Enjoy!

After the Ceremony. Take us to the Sea of Cortez.

Love the energy of all of you after the wedding! The cocktail hour with sand between our toes was truly paradise. We were so blessed to be able to walk 10 steps to the beach after the ceremony.
Editing this video was my second favorite because the songs matched the personality of the event and the guest’s expressions. Using the Spice Girl song made me laugh so much!

First Dances in Cabo, Mexico. [full versions]

This video is uncensored and true to the timeline of the 1st dances starting with Steve and I. I had to keep the sounds of all of you in the crowd. The cheering, tears and love was in the air.

Father-Daughter Dance. [surprise remix version]

This truly was a surprise remix! Dad we pulled it off! Love you always.

Celebration with Dance and Wish Lanterns.

Thanks to DJ Jizz keeping the party going all night. The surprise wish lanterns on the beach, was an incredible end to our wedding day! Thanks to Mireya for getting them just the day before. I also had to keep in the video the 1st lantern that we started on fire… good thing we all held it for several minutes after that so they could float in sky. Notice the full moon. Life is good.

Our Highlight Reel. Be part of our day and experience in just under 15 minutes–

Thanks for watching and check back later for more updates.

-Love Steve & Tricia


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